Family Preparedness
Food Storage Calculator

The following calculator will help you figure the minimum food storage amounts needed for your family. These amounts are based on the recommendations listed in the LDS Church's Home Production and Storage manual. These figures are recommendations only and are the basic ONE year supply MINIMUMS only. Please perform your due diligence and take time to determine what foods your family will eat and will fit the needs of your family and choose the best options and foods you should store for your family.

Simply Fill In the Number of People in Your Family - BELOW and Click on CALCULATE.

Number of Family Members - Ages 7 and Older:
Number of Family Members - Ages 0 to 6:
Your Family Will Need a Minimum of the Basic Supplies Listed Below for a 1 Year Storage:
lbs of Wheat
lbs of Flour
lbs of Corn Meal
lbs of Oats
lbs of Rice
lbs of Pasta

lbs Total Grains
Milk and Dairy
lbs of Dry Milk
12 oz Cans Evaporated Milk
lbs of Other Dairy

lbs of Total Milk and Dairy
Fruits (dried)
lbs of Apple Slices
lbs of Applesauce
lbs of Banana Chips
lbs of Fruit Mixture
lbs of Fruit Juices

lbs Total Fruits
Legumes (dried)
lbs of Dry Beans
lbs of Lima Beans
lbs of Soy Beans
lbs of Split Peas
lbs of Lentils
lbs of Dry Soup Mix

lbs Total Legumes
lbs of Honey
lbs of Sugar
lbs of Brown Sugar
lbs of Molasses
lbs of Corn Syrup
lbs of Jams
lbs of Powdered Fruit Drink
lbs of Flavored Gelatin

lbs Total Sugars
Vegetables (dried)
lbs of Corn
lbs of Peas
lbs of Green Beans
lbs of Carrots
lbs of Potatoes (flakes)
lbs of Onions
lbs of Tomatoes

lbs Total Vegetables
Fats and Oils
lbs of Shortening
gal of Vegtable Oil
qts of Mayonaise
qts Salad Dressing
lbs Peanut Butter

lbs Total Fats and Oils
Cooking Essentials
lbs of Baking Powder
lbs of Baking Soda
lbs of Yeast
lbs of Salt
gal of Vinegar

lbs Total Cooking Essentials

Water *
gal of Water
gal of Bleach (8 drops/gal)

* It is not practical for most families to store a full year's supply of water. So, in this example, we have included 14 gallons per person which is suggested as a "BARE MINIMUM" two-week emergency reserve of water.

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